Our collaborators

Studying biomaterials and bio-interfaces is a highly multidisciplinary field, where expertise in chemistry, materials science, biology, medicine, and computer modeling is required. We are lucky to have a number of collaborators, both at McGill and outside.

Collaborators at McGill

  • Prof. Thomas Szkopek (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is an expert in nanostructured materials for electronic applications. He is collaborating with us on the Li-ion battery project.
  • Prof. Faleh Tamimi (Dentistry) is a dentist with a Ph.D. in biomaterials, and is interested in developing biomaterials for dental bone augmentation, as well as new surgical techniques for this purpose. He is collaborating with us on our projects related to scaffold development for hard and soft tissue regeneration.
  • Prof. Lisbet Haglund (Medicine) is a molecular biologist with expertise in disc degeneration and extracellular matrix. She is collaborating with us on the development of scaffolds for cartilage regeneration.
  • Prof. Mary Stevenson (Medicine) is a parasitologist expert in the mechanisms of protective immunity against blood-stage malaria. We are collaborating with her both in our drug delivery project, using our mucoadhesive hydrogels to deliver some of the proteins she has found to be important against malaria, and to explore new antimalarian drugs.
  • Prof. Scott Bohle (Chemistry), Canada Research Chair in Bioinorganic chemistry, is expert in the crystallography of the "malaria pigment", the hemozoin crystal made by malaria parasites to eliminate heme. We are working with him to develop new antimalarian drugs.
  • Prof. Monzur Murshed (Medicine and Dentistry) is an expert in bone and blood vessel mineralization. He is collaborating with us on both cellular testing of bone scaffolds, and on the ectopic mineralization projects.
  • Prof. Mihriban Pekguleryuz (Mining and Materials Engineering) is an expert in light alloys for aerospace and automotive applications. She has recently started applying her knowledge on Mg-based alloys to the field of biomaterials, in particular stents. We are collaborating with her on the characterization of phenomena occurring at the surface of these materials once immersed in body fluids.
  • Prof. Renzo Cecere (Medicine) and Prof. Adel Schwertani are surgeons at the Royal Victoria Hospital and Montreal Children's Hospital, specializing in cardiovascular disease and treatment of heart failure. We are collaborating with them on the ectopic mineralization project.

Collaborators outside McGill

  • Prof. Diego Mantovani (Mining, Metals and Material Engineering department, U. Laval) is expert in biomaterials for vascular applications. We are working with him on the project related to ectopic mineralization.
  • Prof. Fiorenzo Vetrone (INRS Varennes, Canada) is a leader in the synthesis and characterization of upconverting nanoparticles for sensing. We are working with him for our scaffold/nanoparticle hybrid project.
  • Prof. Lia Rimondini (Health Sciences, Univeristy of Piemonte Orientale, Italy) is a dentist with lots of expertise in in-vitro and in-vivo tests of materials for dental applications. We are working with her on the development of scaffolds for the periodontal ligament regeneration.
  • Prof. Antonella Bandiera (Life Sciences, Univeristy of Trieste, Italy) is a molecular biologist expert in the synthesis of recombinant biopolymers. We are working with her on the characterization of apatite deposition on elastin.
  • Prof. Paola Calza (Chemistry, Univeristy of Torino, Italy) is an analytical chemist expert in environmental chemistry and photocatalysis. We are involved in a European project with her, in which we combine our expertise in surface modification and characterizatio with the expertise of the other partners to synthesize new materials for photocatalytic applications.
  • Prof. Marco Sangermano (Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico of Torino, Italy) is an expert in polymers and composite materials. We work with him on the characterization and synthesis of materials for photocatalysis.
  • Prof. Louis-Philippe Lefebvre (NRC Boucherville)is an expert in making metallic and ceramic foams. We are working with him on evaluating the bioactivity of bioglass foams.
  • Prof. Luigi De Nardo (Politecnico of Milano) is an expert in biomaterial interfaces and porous materials. We are working with him on the characterization of bioglass scaffolds and on the preparation of scaffolds for periodontal ligament.
  • Prof. Sophie Lerouge (CHUM) is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). She is the Director of Laboratoire de biomatériaux endovasculaires (LBeV), CRCHUM. Her research interests include biomaterials, endovascular implants, biomedical engineering and tissue engineering. We are working with her on the projects related to hydrogels for tissue engineering.