Welcome to the biointerface lab!

At the biointerface lab we strive to understand and control phenomena occurring at the interface between synthetic materials and biological molecules. We are especially focused on biomineralization, and one of our main goals is to develop "surface interactive scaffolds" for soft and hard tissue regeneration, with a functional surface designed to induce or inhibit mineralization depending on the desired application, as well as a specific cellular response. Our surface-centered approach brings us to develop materials for drug delivery, dental applications, and (non bio-related!) energy and the environment. Our work is performed in collaboration with researchers from McGill, Canada and abroad.

  • October 2015: Sahar joined the group as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Her project is to improve adhesion between metal and plastic by surface modification techniques.
  • September 2015: Emily joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome on board!
  • June 2015: Marco, Maria, and Luigi joined the group as a part of an exchange program with Italy during this summer.
  • June 2015: Jinke successfully defends his PhD thesis! Congratulations Dr. Xu!!!
  • May 2015: Marta received her tenure! Congratulations Prof. Cerruti!!!

We have one job opening:

A post-doctoral fellow who will work on a project in collaboration with Prof. Tamimi (McGill, Dentistry), and 3DRPD, with the aim of improving the bond between metallic and plastic parts in removable dentures. The successful candidate will have a PhD in Chemistry or Materials Science/Engineering, and a strong background in polymer chemistry and/or surface modification. Please send your CV and cover letter to marta.cerruti@mcgill.ca


Upcoming conferences of interest: